Services that we offer in relation to our products.

Do autonomous navigation of a mobile robot in gazebo using ROS $25

Create a realistic, fully textured, rendered, rigged model for your VFX/ game production $650

Design any 3D model with different detail of quality rate $100-$500

Make FANUC robot programming and simulation $285

Develop robot in Arduino, Bluepill(F103 arm cortex), TM4C123GXL Tiva evaluation board, ESP8266, Arduino mini ,Arduino Lillipad and numerous other microcontrollers. $95

Robotic voice for a video game $35

Create 3D scrapped robot with Steampunk mood. Created with old cans, screws , textures $1675

Design of a boat with 3D design, 2D drawings, Renderings, Analysis, Calculations , CFD Analysis, Performance prediction $1725

Complex algorithm with design for robotex, competition and WRO $75

Program a complex lego robot script, which can do complex tasks like: mapbuilding, etc. $55

Create a CNC program or post processor machine with 4&5 + axis $475

Apply different machine learning algorithms on dataset to predict the future values using Python with like Matplot, seaborn etc. $305

Do Java programming projects in Eclipse and Netbeans, suitability ranging from single small program to a very large complex one $100-$850

Develop, fix, debug C, CPP, C Sharp programs from Console Basic to an entire database $50-$500

Make any complex OpenGL renderer like PBR ,volumetric or a game engine, textures and custom shaders included $100-$400

Create an augmented and virtual reality app, showing a model with various buttons for scaling, animation, color change $150

Write Verilog and VHDL code for digital systems, do simulations and RTL, while using Xilinx Vivado, Quartus 2 Modelism $120

Create a basic low poly prototype using Unreal Engine 4, based on your desires $750

Help you to install all programs you want on your pc $45