Business Analysis Report Updates

We are in communication stage with a team of AI experts to see which ecommerce functions that we offer can be automated.

Our main functions that we currently do manually are SKU data information management, content optimization, onboarding to all eligible marketplaces. We also work with and educate crossfunctional teams on the technical strategy of the roadmap.

Our cross-functional team collaboration includes:

  • Receive updates on key results and product KPIs definition processes
  • Receive updates on tracking resources to establish data accuracy 
  • Receive updates on creation and maintenance of pipelines and dashboards
  • Receive updates on key trends, potential risks and competitor opportunities
  • Receive updates on user, supplier and customer behaviors throughout their lifetime KPI 
  • Receive updates to identify patterns that increase user conversion
  • Receive updates on maintenance and development of reporting dashboards
  • Receive updates on A/B testing, optimization, ad hoc and regression analysis
  • More functions are available depending on product business analysis needs
  • Ecommerce SQL and Tableau reporting, insights generation through data analysis and support planning activities 
  • Lead growing data set projects end-to-end, perform various functional areas of e-commerce business management and perform complex analysis, build optimization plans and models
  • Provide financial forecasting and generate reports on all data for ecommerce portfolios
  • Own the end-to-end experience and overall performance of websites including engagement, functionality, conversion, usability and clarity in both visuals and text
  • Define and drive site merchandising strategies with focus on customer journeys, user experience and constant optimization
  • Leading product through all stages of the product’s life cycle including definition, development, release, and post release activities through Scaled Agile Framework or JIRA